Member Value Proposition

 As member organisations strive to optimise their offering to attract and retain members, it can be hard to truly understand what members want, get everyone on the same page internally, and articulate the value of membership in a compelling way. Value proposition design offers a powerful and proven methodology* to address these challenges.

MVP model

Research by Design's value proposition workshop can help member organisations:

• understand what value proposition design is and why it matters
• step into members’ shoes to focus on their goals, issues and desires
• build alignment among internal stakeholders around the value proposition
• review the current value proposition and identify opportunities to enhance
• develop a clear statement of the organisation’s value proposition
• create a high-level action plan for value proposition implementation

Value proposition design can drive success for your membership organisation by:

• challenging internal assumptions about what members want
• shift from focusing on features and benefits to value
• infuse your marketing with a powerful statement of the value of membership
• inform strategic planning and improve or refresh existing offerings


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