Memberwise - Membership Excellence 2016 Conference

On 21st April 2016, RbD’s membership team attended the 2016 Memberwise Conference in London, dedicated to membership organisations and associations, with a focus on insight into member experience, value, engagement and growth.

Team membership

Our team had an excellent opportunity not just to meet face to face and mingle with delegates from all kinds of membership organisations, (it is always great to say hello to our existing clients or meet potential new ones) but as well to learn and get better understanding what are the sticking points or challenges that membership organisations face in day to day life. We also had a chance to appreciate the highlights and successes that the many different organisations have achieved.

The programme was divided into 3 parallel streams with overall topics of ‘Success Stories’, ‘Engagement & Value through innovative approaches’ and ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD). The majority of seminars brought very interesting stories and learnings. We were delighted to hear RbD being mentioned on at least 3 separate occasions by our clients, it’s fantastic to know that our research insight is helping drive change within organisations. It is a great acknowledgement and reassurance for us that our work is valuable and helpful to our clients. 

RCP presenting a slide created by RbD RCP presenting a slide created by RbD

One of the main questions that the conference wanted to try to answer was if the membership organisations need to evolve or take a more radical approach - ‘revolution’ and completely change.

Interestingly, when the event’s organiser Richard Gott posed this question at the start of the day, do you feel membership organisations are evolutionary, revolutionary, or are you unsure? Most people said they were unsure.

Evolution vs Revolution

Evolution vs. Revolution

By the end of the day this had shifted significantly. After listing to the stores of what the different organisations have been busy working with, the majority vote shifted to the perception that more membership organisations are evolutionary. 

By Tereza Krtickova, Research Executive 

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