Is the power of Google influencing how we search for information on other websites?

Have you ever asked a question and had the response "Just Google it"?

Don’t worry you’re not alone, according to internet live stats, since its creation Google has become an ever growing behemoth with 40,000 searches being conducted every second and 1.2 trillion searches a year.

1.2 trillion searches. We are a curious bunch.

When it comes to search engine popularity, Google is head and shoulders above the rest, enjoying a 65% share of web search volume worldwide.

Google simply is (bigger), better, faster, stronger. (Thanks Daft Punk) 

Whilst these stats are commendable of Google's prevalence and performance, have our expectations become too high for the humble search engine function within a website?

Google search enginge image

Image courtesy of Internet Live Stats 

Recent website evaluation studies carried out by Research by Design within the membership, industrial and public sectors show that with seemingly busier lives, people are increasingly impatient wanting instant access to information - an area where Google comes into its own through the rules of supply and demand. 

During the research, respondents were asked to search for a piece of information on the website in question. Some decided to trawl through link after link in the hope of stumbling across the information. Others went straight for the search bar in the expectation that it would be as efficient and powerful as the almighty Google... they were wrong.

Many cited frustrations with website specific search functions because they brought back irrelevant, (often) meaningless results – something we are no longer accustomed to thanks to the power of  Google. But what else would you expect when Google is crawling through 20 billion sites a day and 1,000 computers per search, whilst a website search function is more often than not a simple word search.

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By Asad Kaliq, Senior Research Executive

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