Founded in 1994, we are an independent market research consultancy with an established reputation for unpicking complex issues.

Our mission is to deliver tangible business benefits to those seeking insights into their target audiences and markets, through high-quality, well-considered market research.


Our philosophy is to develop strong relationships with our clients in order to understand their business and provide focused and actionable management information.

We approach our work with a passion to provide reliable, transparent insights into our clients' most complex business needs. 


Case studies

<a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/new-case-study-category/cox-wokingham-plastics/'>The Challenge: Established over 70 years ago, Cox Wokingham Plastics Limited (CWPL) is one of the largest plastic thermoforming specialists in the UK.  Thermoforming is the generic name for the conversion of sheet plastic into 3D shapes and components by the application of heat and vacuum/pressure generally in conjunction with...</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/kitchens-and-bathrooms/burbidge/'>The Challenge: Burbidge has been manufacturing kitchen doors and accessories for well over 35 years and supplies its highly crafted products to hundreds of retailers in the UK from its base in Coventry. Its USP is that it is a British manufacture, its heritage and its bespoke approach, with the...</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/professional-services/case-study-4/'>The Challenge: Have you ever wondered what your clients say about you after a meeting?  We mean, what they really say? Wouldn't it be great to gain an insight into what is said after the door closes? Have you ever considered a client engagement programme for your firm? In other words,...</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/retail-and-leisure/brent-cross/'>The Challenge: As a long-established brand, what do you do when you’ve been around for many years and are facing ever increasing competition from new, vibrant competitors?</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/membership-organisations/royal-college-of-general-practitioners-case-study-measuring-member-experience/'>Measuring Member Experience</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/kitchens-and-bathrooms/case-study-7/'>The Challenge: Bristan is the largest showers and taps company in the UK. It is estimated that one in five homes in the UK have a Bristan shower or tap fitted. Bristan products can also be found in bathrooms and washrooms at hospitals, leisure centres, hotels, schools and colleges across...</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/health-and-social-care/housing-and-care-21/'>The Challenge: Housing & Care 21 is a leading national provider of housing and care services for older people. They manage around 19,000 Retirement and Extra Care apartments and provide over 80,000 hours of care each week to approximately 31,000 customers.</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/retail-and-leisure/webbs/'>The Challenge: Webbs is a privately owned business committed to providing the very best for garden and home. The brand has two retail sites situated in the centre of England.  Customers visit Webbs for a variety of reasons; many are keen gardeners, but Webbs is also a destination centre for...</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/membership-organisations/royal-college-of-physicians/'>The Challenge: The Royal College of Physicians support their fellows and members during every stage of their career, which contributes to improving the quality of patient care. Our client also takes a wide role in public health and focusses its activities on campaigning for change, advising government and Parliament and taking...</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/new-case-study-category/polypipe-underfloor-heating/'>The Challenge: Polypipe design, develop and manufacture the most comprehensive range of plastic piping products in the UK, with over 20,000 products available. Formed of three divisions, Polypipe Building Products are manufactured solely in the UK and are carried by 8,000 stockists nationwide.</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/membership-organisations/case-study-1/'>The Challenge: RbD was commissioned by BPS to help better understand the perceptions and needs of members and identify areas for improvement.</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/membership-organisations/royal-college-of-general-practitioners/'>Member Segmentation</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/new-case-study-category/mca-fusion-part-of-the-wolseley-group-customer-value-proposition/'>How RbD helped MCA-Fusion build a clear picture of its different customer groups and develop a Customer Value Proposition that would meet their needs and expectations, thereby supporting the company’s goals for growth and profitability.</a> <a href='/case-studies-research-previous-projects/membership-organisations/royal-college-of-general-practitioners-case-study-measuring-member-experience-2/'>The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016 Member Survey - Getting everyone around the table at the onset of a research journey.</a>

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