About us

We've been around for 26 years – that’s many years of combined experience and an appreciation of changing techniques. This adds up to a great deal of valuable, robust knowledge that benefits our clients; who keep coming back as their business landscapes change.

The business world has transformed in 26 years and so have we. We are well placed to embrace new ideas and keep moving forward with our dynamic, creative approach to projects and each clients’ unique requirements. 

Culture stands for a lot and we’re immensely proud of ours. Our values are reflected in everything we do; from the way we work together, manage our projects and deliver our findings.


We start by really getting to know you and understanding your research needs - making your business challenge our business challenge. We appreciate the importance of insight and always provide our clients with a reliable, authentic service.

We are passionate about the insights we can ‘uncover’, to provide you with the clarity to understand your most complex business needs. In everything we do, we encourage our clients to consider why before how. We embrace the philosophy of 'stronger together' and ensure that we form a true partnership with you. 

This partnership doesn't stop at the end of the project either. The dialogue continues long after our research as we continue to build on these shared experiences and strengthen our understanding of your developing business vision. Our level of repeat business is a testament to this.