Housing & Care 21

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The Challenge: Housing & Care 21 is a leading national provider of housing and care services for older people. They manage around 19,000 Retirement and Extra Care apartments and provide over 80,000 hours of care each week to approximately 31,000 customers. To provide the necessary levels of care, a variety of employees are required, from; those conducting back-office functions such as HR and procurement to Court Managers and Care Staff.

As part of its commitment to being an employer of choice, Housing & Care 21 are keen to continuously gather feedback that will allow them to understand how employees view the running of the organisation. To do this a biennial staff survey programme was devised in order to capture the thoughts of employees over time regardless of role, experience and location.

The Solution: Research by Design designed a quantitative survey that allowed staff members to share their thoughts on levels of communication, line management, leadership, pay and whether they would recommend Housing & Care 21 as a service provider to customers and as an employer to others.

Online and paper versions of the survey were created to maximise engagement with staff throughout the country. For those who have a corporate email address, a personalised link to an online survey was sent. However, a large proportion of customer facing employees such as care staff don’t have an email address so it wasn’t possible to utilise this methodology for these respondents. Therefore, to include these employees a standalone online survey was created and distributed, for those without access to a computer a paper version of the survey was created, allowing them to give their views and return it back to Research by Design confidentially.

The Outcome: The personalised email resulted in an 80% response rate, whilst the standalone and paper versions resulted in over 350 responses.

Employees were given the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions on Housing & Care 21 as an employer. These insights were presented to Housing & Care 21 senior management, allowing them to understand levels of staff engagement and satisfaction. The results will be used to identify areas of improvement for the future.

Testimonial from Antony Walker, Customer Experience Manager:

“RbD were very professional and knowledgeable with a great work ethic and strong understanding of what our business wanted - identified and focussed on improvement areas. They interrogated the data without having to be prodded to do so. Our experience of working with RbD was excellent, they were patient and understanding throughout.”