The Challenge: When initially approaching RbD, Heritage was already in possession of a plethora of legacy research reports covering consumer profiling, purchasing and industry trends, but none were felt to provide the brand with the detail and relevant information it required to achieve its corporate targets.

Having worked hard to accurately profile its own customer base, key Mosaic segments had been identified and these audiences were the focus for a research study that sought to explore and understand the customer journey for those shopping in the bathroom category.

Our Approach:

A qualitative research study was delivered to unearth the motivations and choices made by Heritage’s consumer segments. This approach was split into three component parts:

Qualitative approach to research

In the first instance, a series of in-store intercepts were coordinated in bathroom showrooms. Participants were recruited during their store visit and during the initial stage were interviewed to understand their current situation and requirements in-store. Following this they were asked to continue their shop, and undertake a small number of questions and tasks whilst doing this. Finally, shoppers reconvened with our researchers prior to leaving the store to fully debrief on their experience. These ethnographic sessions employed both passive and directed techniques to understand shopping expectations, motivations and actual real-life experiences.

Additionally, qualitative research was conducted with consumers currently ‘in the moment’ of overhauling or developing a bathroom. This consultation was achieved through a series of focus groups and in-home interviews with consumers in our targeted Mosaic segments. These sessions focussed upon:

 'In-the-moment' research

Further embellishing the study, a desk research component sought to quantify some of the findings. This was through a combination of exploring existing research and reports in the public domain, asking questions amongst consumers on a partners research panel, and drawing in findings from RbD’s own considerable ‘research bank’ in this sector.

The Outcome:

Recommendations were made at both a strategic and tactical level and provided Heritage with clear guidance on the consumer journey and the measures needed to achieve its future vision. Since completing the study, the new Heritage brand proposition has been fully developed and rolled out to widespread acclaim.

 Heritage research results

Testimonial from Claire Jennings, Marketing Manager:

“As always, I find the RbD responsive, attentive and extremely patient.  I don't have loads of spare time and (I have to admit) that collating data ready for research often falls down the list but the team are hugely understanding and forgiving and absolutely go the extra mile to help. Absolutely one of my favourite suppliers.”