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The Challenge: Established over 70 years ago, Cox Wokingham Plastics Limited (CWPL) is one of the largest plastic thermoforming specialists in the UK.  Thermoforming is the generic name for the conversion of sheet plastic into 3D shapes and components by the application of heat and vacuum/pressure generally in conjunction with a forming tool.

CWPL prides itself on being able to produce high quality, complex mouldings with a wide range of plastic materials, including those that are high grade and considered quite exotic.  Its manufacturing excellence results in extremely low levels of failure rate (less than 1:1,000 in many cases). This rate is recognised by their customer base-  at least one customer ships CWPL products straight to stock.

To ensure CWPL continued its development it was critical to reappraise its standing with its key stakeholders and obtain a deep understanding of how it was perceived in the wider marketplace.

To achieve this Cox Wokingham appointed Research by Design for our considerable experience in the industrial sector.

Our Approach: RbD devised a qualitative study, speaking with stakeholders face-to-face, often at their place of work, to ensure they were relaxed and at ease with the process. This approach focused on the ‘whys and hows’ rather than obtaining data for analysis through charts and graphs.

By interrogating CWP’s customer database, both current and lapsed customers were segmented by value to ensure a cross section were engaged with and spoken to.

Interviews followed a discussion guide, tailored to the stakeholder type, but conversations were not limited to this and were free flowing in nature, allowing the respondent to influence fully the direction of conversation, whilst ensuring all pertinent points were covered.

At the start of each session, a period of time was devoted to understanding the respondent’s role and business in detail. This helped to frame the interview, but also to develop and engender a rapport to facilitate a trusting and revealing ease in conversation.

The Outcome: Insights from the study were presented in a series of sessions with CWP employees, commencing with a board presentation. For each session, outputs were reworked to deliver the appropriate level of detail and focus.