MCA-Fusion (part of the Wolseley Group) Customer Value Proposition

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How RbD helped MCA-Fusion build a clear picture of its different customer groups and develop a Customer Value Proposition that would meet their needs and expectations, thereby supporting the company’s goals for growth and profitability.

The challenge

MCA-Fusion Hire and Repair is the UK’s leading provider of electrofusion and butt fusion PE pipe welding equipment, hiring, selling and repairing equipment. To optimise its performance, MCA-Fusion Hire and Repair needed to obtain a greater understanding of the differing needs of its customers to help develop a clear and compelling Customer Value Proposition (CVP). 

Our approach

At RbD, we take a structured approach to helping clients progress from their initial ideas right through to a high-level roadmap to implement the CVP. Collaborating closely with MCA-Fusion, we worked through four key steps:

  1. Developing a hypothesis with internal stakeholders
    An internal 1-day workshop brought together staff from diverse roles - including branch representatives, engineers, and account managers – to focus on CVP design and tap into their knowledge and insights on customers.
  2. Testing the hypothesis with customers
    A tailored programme of research to build a detailed picture of MCA-Fusion customers and what matters most to them, including a telephone survey and depth interviews.
  3. Developing the Customer Value Proposition
    Analysis of the rich dataset gathered in the first two steps to shape the CVP and highlight key enablers, opportunities and challenges.
  4. Fine-tuning the Customer Value Proposition and developing the roadmap
    A second internal workshop enabled senior stakeholders to fully understand and own the research insights, fine-tune the CVP, and engage in an intensive roadmapping exercise.

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The outcome

Our evidence-based and action-oriented approach helped MCA-Fusion fast track internal discussions and planning, going from initial ideas to agreed CVP and high-level roadmap in just 5 months. As a result of RbD’s work, the company has used the CVP to:

- help shape strategic direction going forward
- align conversations among senior stakeholders
- secure additional corporate investment
- define KPIs and metrics to drive service levels.


Adam Pitt, MCA Fusion Hire Trading Director, “I have greatly appreciated working with Research by Design developing our Customer Value Proposition   The results were obtained through an integrated programme of internal workshops and customer research. RbD gained a good understanding of our business, and the final Customer Value Proposition has provided actionable results that have been incorporated into our strategic plan. RbD were professional, thorough and really got under the skin of our business.  This process has driven real value for the business.”


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