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Do you genuinely know if your clients are satisfied with the professional services you provide? Are you really their ‘trusted advisor’?  We have been helping professional services firms conduct business research to measure what their clients think of them for over 20 years. We work closely with them to understand how they can increase satisfaction and client loyalty to strengthen their market position.

We provide insights for firms in the legal, financial, accountancy, property and recruitment sectors. This has included projects where we have consulted with both private clients and commercial organisations.  The unifying success factor for all of these firms has been an ability to better understand the client journey.  We understand the market forces affecting your sector and also work with the ombudsmen and regulatory bodies that oversee these markets.

We work closely with marketing and business development departments to gain a forensic picture of how clients can end up at your doorstep… or your competitors. We offer bespoke market research tools to map out your clients’ routes to purchase and to understand their key considerations; then work collaboratively with you to understand the implications on your marketing strategy.

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Birmingham Law Society

The Challenge: Have you ever wondered what your clients say about you after a meeting?  We mean, what they really say? Wouldn't it be great to gain an insight into what is said after the door closes? Have you ever considered a client engagement programme for your firm? In other words,...

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