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Citizens, residents, tenants, service users … whatever term your organisation wishes to use, we believe the principles of good engagement are universal. We have developed tools that allow us to consult with your target audience in a way that will work and deliver meaningful results. Bringing in latest thinking on behavioural economics and community engagement means that we go way beyond a standard ‘tick box’ consultation.

Quality is at the heart of our social research. Our work for local authorities, central government, think tanks and academia usually involves engaging with some difficult-to-reach groups. We use a variety of traditional and online techniques to achieve this. Many of our team have a social research background, so we understand that you need to commission research to withstand the highest levels of scrutiny.

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Rooted in the Church of England

The Social Research team at Research by Design are well underway with a major research project commissioned by the Church of England Education Office. The research will help the Church to better understand the...

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