We can take advantage of numerous techniques when analysing your survey data and will work with you to ensure you are with us on this important journey. We regularly use techniques such as correlation, regression, key driver analysis and cluster analysis to make the most of your data and deliver findings that are impactful, meaningful and offer tangible business benefits.

We are delivering increased numbers of segmentation led research studies, as our clients look to better understand their stakeholders and aim to deliver targeted information. We use a combination of statistical techniques to deliver this and work with the client in question to shape the segmentation to ensure the final deliverable is one they can work with effectively.

Our dashboard deliverables are particularly popular with clients who are looking to disseminate information across multiple stakeholders, often those that are widely geographically spread. These are bespoke in design and can mimic corporate branding if required. We use a combination of infographics, charts and tables to enable you to tell your story effectively, perhaps concentrating on KPI’s in the first instance prior to mining down through the data to the detail. The fully customisable environment enables you to conduct your own analysis by sub categories and create a unique user area with your tailored analysis.