Communities have evolved out of research panels with one of the main differentiators being the ability for community members to interact with one another, exchanging and discussing ideas, crucially allowing the client to observe this interaction.

Management of the community is typically more onerous than a research panel, but being skilled practitioners, RbD make this process extremely straightforward. When compared with the research panel, this methodology uses a wider portfolio of techniques such as qualitative research, social media and forums. The community may also focus more strongly on delivering content through videos or diary entries for example.

Interaction is also more frequent than in research panels, with contact perhaps occurring a number of times per week. However the overall duration of the community is typically much shorter than the panel. When might you consider using a research community?

  • Ideation/ co-creation research
  • New product/ services development and testing
  • Product usageĀ 
  • Communications developmentĀ