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10 ways to get ahead in your career

It’s on you, go get it!

1. It’s up to you to make it happen, training, pay rise, promotion – it’s your career steer it where you want. It is 100% your responsibility, don’t wait around for someone else to hand you the career you want. The most important thing I’ve learnt so far is it’s up to you to create the career you want.

2. Don’t just think about what you want from your boss. Think about what you can give them in return. By adding value and demonstrating why your boss made a fantastic decision to hire you, you’re more likely to get what you want from them!

3. Be positive! People like having someone walk into the office with a smile on their face and an optimistic outlook to the challenges faced at work- they’ll want to have you around, and keep you included.  

It’s Okay to walk away!

4. Don’t stay where you’re unfulfilled. Yes we all have bills to pay. But make a plan when you realise you’re getting into a rut. Say in 6 months’ time I’ll have a new job. Or better, in the next 2 weeks I’m going to speak to my boss about my frustrations and suggest ways they could be dealt with.

5. Take time to switch off from work. Weekends and holidays are time for you to unwind, so switch off your emails. Get some inspiration away from your colleagues and the office you sit in. Some of the best answers and ideas come when you’re not thinking specifically around the topic- so give yourself some space and time for fresh motivation.

6. Do something you enjoy! You might love numbers, animals, the environment, writing, photography – whatever it is, make sure in your job you have something you feel passionate about. I left a career in sales because I was frustrated in the lack of creativity I got to express in my work. Now in marketing, I feel like I’ve found a role that aligns with my skill set so much better; I’m truly happy to come into work each day, because I feel fulfilled in my work. The bad days in work are inevitable, so if you can outweigh these with a bigger number of great days, you’re on to a winner.

You are one part of a bigger team!

7. It isn’t personal. It’s work. Learn not to take everything to heart – try to find every way to see the feedback you get from another perspective, what did the person who gave you the feedback mean? There are rare cases where people don’t want you to succeed but they are RARE. Believing that and finding something constructive in the feedback you’ve been given will always work in your favour.

8. Support your colleagues. When their workload is far greater than they can manage, offer your support where you can. Give tips to help someone manage their time, helping them to prioritise. It’s always easier to clarify what’s most important from a fresh, outside perspective. Go for a coffee when they look like they’re having a rough time, take some of the pressure off them. And chances are when you need an extra pair of hands you’ll have people ready to repay you the favour.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or to speak up when you think you can help. I am very junior in my career- I know there are areas I don’t quite get yet and I’m not afraid, or embarrassed to ask if I don’t understand or need extra support. And there are other areas I can offer some really helpful ideas. Speak up. You’ve been hired for a reason no matter what level of experience you have, make sure you know you are a valuable asset to your team and demonstrate that.

Work to live!

10. Keep something out of work for yourself, something totally unrelated. And not just watching the latest episode of the Kardashian’s! A sport, hobby, singing, dancing, baking something that you enjoy, that you’re passionate about, that you’re learning to get better at. Work to live, don’t live to work. Having something outside of your career that you enjoy pouring your time and energy into, will make you better at your job than you can even imagine.

By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive 

This entry was tagged Communication, Research tips, Engagement, Career tips and posted on June 24, 2015

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