5 top communication tips for membership organisations

Research by Design often undertakes research with prospective members of an organisation as the results can help guide strategy planning in a number of valuable ways. Communication is always key so we have identified a few hints and tips to help membership organisations evaluate how effective theirs is.


  1. Identify your target audience(s) – at every stage of their membership journey with you. Are they students or more experienced professionals? They are most likely to be looking for different things from you.
  2. Clear and concise messaging is important: clearly promoting the benefits of membership in order for prospects to make an informed joining decision is vital.
  3. Use different communication channels: achieve maximum engagement by tailoring the message for each target audience and for the medium you are using.
  4. joinMake joining enjoyable. The complications involved in joining an organisation are a common frustration we hear from prospective members. Make it easy to join and ensure the application process is clear and straightforward. This is a buying experience so ultimately it should be satisfying.
  5. Get your members working for you. Inviting non-members to engage with the organisation through events or training allows them to network with existing members and learn more about the benefits of joining.

There are lots more we can say about the power of communication within a membership organisation so keep checking back for future blogs and more words of wisdom!


By Danielle Barnett, Associate Director

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