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A brilliant insight into the world of market research

As a final year French Studies and History undergraduate, the time to apply for jobs is fast approaching and with no clear career path, it was quickly becoming a daunting prospect. After undertaking an internship at a Marketing & PR Agency over the summer, I knew that I wanted a career in the industry, however I was also left wanting to delve deeper into the world of marketing and gain first-hand experience of working in a market research environment. 

While studying abroad in France I discovered the two-week placement offered at Research by Design and instantly recognised it as the perfect opportunity to gain exposure to the industry before returning to university. Given that I was abroad, the team were more than happy to arrange a Skype interview with me and after a few days, I was delighted to hear that I had been accepted onto the placement.

Upon arriving at the office, I was incredibly nervous as I was studying an unrelated degree and had no prior experience with working in market research. However, I soon realised that my nerves were completely unnecessary and that everybody in the office was incredibly kind and approachable, willing to lend support whenever I needed it, both with work and my choice of topping at the nearby potato van.

noun 922373 334b91After being introduced to the team and shown around the office, I was quickly given my first task and made a start on structuring my own research project. I have been incredibly impressed with the structure of the programme in that I find myself quickly gaining exposure to the various aspects of market research and the different steps the team must go through in their daily work. My tasks have included but have not been limited to supporting the team with the proposal process, designing my own questionnaire with the use of the SNAP programme, data checking and undertaking different kinds of research. 

noun 247208 334b91What is more, I have gained exposure to the process of carrying out focus groups and telephone interviews as well as sitting in on team meetings. It was during these meetings that the company’s attitude with regards to quality control became apparent, operating with the highest of standards and showcasing the pride with which everybody in the team works.

Fast forward two weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the time I’ve spent at Research by Design. The placement has given me an insight into what the role of a market researcher entails and I am extremely grateful to the team for all the support they’ve given me over the past two weeks. I would highly recommend anybody curious about the programme to give it a go.

 By Josh Pai

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