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An ideal taster into the world of market research

I graduated from University with a BA in History and a hazy vision of how I wished to develop the learnings from my degree. What I did know was that I loved the research element of my course and wanted to explore how this could be translated into a business environment. As I began considering work experience options, I came across the placement at Research by Design and believed it offered an ideal taster into the world of market research.

On my first day, I immediately felt welcomed by the team and before long had settled into the office. I was able to tailor the placement to suit my own interests, having been asked if there was anything in particular I wanted to learn about.

Throughout my time at RbD I worked on both past and live projects, allowing me to gain a holistic understanding of market research within an agency. From responding to client briefs at the initial stage of a project, to compiling reports at the final stage, I was able to see how each cog fitted together within the research process. I learnt key practical skills through, for example, designing my own online questionnaire, using databases and quotas, and analysing research findings. Despite having no prior knowledge of these market research processes, due to the expertise of the team and their ongoing support, I quickly became accustomed to the day-to-day tasks of a researcher. I always felt comfortable asking questions as everyone was so approachable and more than willing to help.

An aspect of the placement I particularly enjoyed was being provided with an insight into the way qualitative research is collected and analysed. I observed a recording of a focus groups and listened to a telephone interview, whilst writing up the results in an analysis grid. I found it interesting to compare the different dynamics of these two research methods – a group discussion versus a one-to-one interview – and considering the effects of these structures on research findings. Furthermore, my involvement on live projects made me feel a valued member of the office. My tasks included checking a survey prior to it going live and selecting qualitative results for reports soon to be presented to clients. As RbD work within a variety of sectors, it was rewarding to delve into the range of projects the team were working on at the time.

Ultimately, I finished the work placement feeling confident that I wanted to pursue a career in the sector. RbD offered their ongoing support for the future and I am very grateful for all of their help.

By Lydia Bailey

Lydia recently joined us for two weeks as part of our Market Research Work Placement. If you'd like to find out more about our work placement or any other roles, find more information here.

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