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An insight into the role of a market researcher

Research by Design offers a fantastic work placement to students who wish to gain experience in market research. RbD initially appealed to me as they work with variety of sectors and employ both qualitative and quantitative methods in their research.

​Having recently completed a BSc in Psychology I was unsure in which direction to take my degree. I knew I had a strong interest in human behaviour and was interested to see how this could be studied through market research. I chose to complete a two week placement at RbD in order to determine what market research entailed and whether I would consider it as a career choice.

During the placement I gained insight into the role of a market researcher by observing and contributing to live projects. I learned first-hand experience of responding to client briefs, writing proposals, carrying out research using both qualitative and quantitative methods, using databases, using quotas, data analysing and reporting.

The most enjoyable aspect of the placement was watching a focus group discussion regarding a new product. I was particularly interested to learn how market research can help test new concepts in a number of ways, some of these being through surveys, interviews or in depth group discussions. It was also helpful to see how the findings are reported back to the client in order for them to modify and develop their products.

One of the main things I learned during my time at RbD was the teams’ attention to detail. They really highlighted the importance of fully understanding the client and their research needs and they are committed to doing so with every project they undertake.

The placement provided me with a number of transferable skills that have inspired me to seek a career in market research. I would recommend this placement for anyone seeking to understand more about the role of a market researcher and cannot thank the team enough for all of their help and support during my time there.

By Lizzie Simkin

Lizzie recently joined us for two weeks as part of our Market Research Work Placement. If you'd like to find out more about our work placement or any other roles, find more information here.


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