Archive: February, 2016

  • Consumer psychology and market research


    Market researchers conduct research to help companies better understand the markets in which they work. Market researchers explore almost every aspect of the marketing process; conducting research into product development, researching into sales figures and product placement - how the product is actually displayed or made available to the consumer. They...

  • The quality of qualitative research


    As we enter another busy phase of qualitative research here at Research by Design, it’s really encouraging to see how much emphasis our clients are putting in the strength of insight delivered by qualitative research. Quantitative and qualitative research are a powerful combination, each able to bring different levels of insights...

  • Craft beer, marketing and understanding the customer

    Purity brewing

    Members of the Research by Design team attended a learning event with a twist on Thursday evening.  CIM organised a highly original – and interactive - session at the Pure Bar in Birmingham which included a beer and food tasting session, a cellar tour and an overview of the Purity...