Archive: November, 2016

  • Member benefits – Why less is more

    member benefits

    Offering a benefits package is crucial to members as it provides them with a return on their membership fee. However, over the years our research has identified that members cannot always recall the benefits on offer. Most of the time this is because there is an extensive list that is...

  • Will market research be replaced by web analytics services?

    web analytics

    In a digitalized society, the amount of data available is overwhelming. There are so many possibilities from where we can extract information, making it more complicated to decide which source to use or how to use it.  You can collect online data from customer databases, from social media, from applications, from...

  • Why do polls keep getting it wrong?


    Donald Trump has just been elected to become the new US president but looking at the polls this might come as a surprise as most were in favour of Hilary Clinton. This is not the first time this year that the pollsters didn’t accurately predict the likely outcome of the...