Archive: March, 2017

  • The benefits of a regional presence for membership organisations

    regional presence membership

    Lack of a regional presence seems to be a reoccurring theme that comes up time and time again in our research with membership organisations. Many membership organisations, as well as big businesses and institutions, have their main headquarters based in the UK’s capital city - London. There is no surprise there,...

  • An insight into the role of a market researcher

    rbd work placement

    Research by Design offers a fantastic work placement to students who wish to gain experience in market research. RbD initially appealed to me as they work with variety of sectors and employ both qualitative and quantitative methods in their research. ​Having recently completed a BSc in Psychology I was unsure in...

  • How to get to 'hard to reach' millennials

    couple taking selfie

    Millennials, the generation of people born between 1980-2000, are one of the hardest audiences to get to engage with market research. Having recently watched a couple of webinars focusing on new methods in market research and how to target a younger audience, I have gathered some of the most interesting...