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The benefits of a regional presence for membership organisations

Lack of a regional presence seems to be a reoccurring theme that comes up time and time again in our research with membership organisations.

Many membership organisations, as well as big businesses and institutions, have their main headquarters based in the UK’s capital city - London. There is no surprise there, as London holds such a dominant position not just within the UK but around the world too. The capital’s location can bring pride and prestige for the organisation, but at the same time can raise some challenges. Not all members live in London, but are spread across the whole UK and the lack of regional and local presence or support is recognised by members. Which is why some organisations are still perceived as too ‘London-centric’ and distant in many cases.

As per RbD’s definition of member engagement, social connection is one of the four key components that helps to create a deep and meaningful relationship between the member and the organisation. It helps to give them the sense of community and belonging.   

Therefore, having a strong regional presence in form of networking, social events, conferences etc. is one of the stepping stones that can lead to increasing member engagement. Ensuring communications cover events across the UK and that some authors are outside of London will also help improve perceptions. 

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By Tereza Krtickova, Senior Research Executive


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