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The West Midlands Business Desk has just announced Marketing Birmingham’s release of Birmingham’s visitor numbers for 2014 – up 9.4% on 2013. I’m pleased and disappointed at the same time!

My positivity comes from the increased buzz in the city, and the ‘wow’s and ‘amazing’ comments I’m hearing as visitors arrive and acknowledge what has been achieved in this fantastic city of ours. There is Grand Central, which opened just last month and has stunned people by its design and retail and leisure offer. The largest John Lewis outside London and a range of brands that Birmingham hasn’t seen before add to the attraction.

Keeping New Street Station open and operating effectively whilst Grand Central was being constructed was an engineering feat. I’m expecting to see many awards for this in the coming months.

Then there is the redevelopment of New Street Station itself. We haven’t got refurbished platforms yet but the concourse is marvellous. There’s lots of open, light space, loads of ticket machines, a good number of departure boards and staff to assist passengers at every turn. What a refreshingly pleasurable experience!

Coinciding with these investments is Everyman’s cinema in the Mailbox, with its latest digital technology, and food and drink served at its armchair seating. Luxury! Then there’s Resorts World over by the NEC. I could go on, but all these have opened this year.

So, my disappointment? Well it’s how outdated the news is. 2014? Come on, get with it Marketing Birmingham! Tell us how well we are doing NOW! 

By Heather Forrester, Managing Director

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