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Craft beer, marketing and understanding the customer

Members of the Research by Design team attended a learning event with a twist on Thursday evening.  CIM organised a highly original – and interactive - session at the Pure Bar in Birmingham which included a beer and food tasting session, a cellar tour and an overview of the Purity story to date.

The Purity Brewing Company is a local craft brewery established in 2005, based on a working farm in Warwickshire.  Their mission is to brew great beer with a conscience, consistency and attention to detail second to none.  It was evident that the speakers were extremely proud of their award winning products, including Pure UBU, Mad Goose, Pure Gold and Saddle Black.

Purity have a modest marketing budget but, by keeping things simple, bang well above their weight.  We learned how the authenticity of their brand values and ‘brewing with a conscience’ drive everything the business does including the marketing functions. 

They believe that brand stories need to be genuine to truly resonate with the target audience of the business.  Narratives are created that people can share at the bar together, organically creating brand advocacy. For instance, did you know that UBU actually stands for Useless Bloody Urchin, the nickname of the beloved company dog who made a nuisance of himself around the brewery farm? Well, now you do!

Purity have also succeeded by having a crystal clear sense of really who their target audience are.  They believe their customers are discerning when it comes to culture, the environment and ingredients and thereby have high standards when it comes to the beer they drink.  

The brand has adopted a segmentation based approach which allows the business to demonstrate how this target audience consume different product at different venues/outlets (e.g. premium bars versus sport events for instance).   This was developed using a combination of consumer data borrowed from other brewery firms and a heavy dose of industry knowledge from customers and colleagues.

This segmentation approach has allowed the business to gradually extend its reach into a greater range of outlets – for instance the new partnership with Ricoh Arena and Wasps rugby club. (Wasps rugby) It also opens up some exciting possibilities for experiential marketing. 

In the second part of this blog I will be discussing the other side to the story – the launch of the Purecraft Bar concept.

Dave Ruston, Associate Director

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