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Engaging with audiences via different platforms

Here at Research by Design we are always keen to ensure our methods of reaching different audiences are best suited to the needs of the project and the needs of that particular audience.

In the past, we have recognised that when trying to reach busy professionals, the ‘traditional’ evening focus group isn’t always going to work for everyone. Therefore we have run breakfast focus groups ,catching these audiences before their busy days get underway, and lunch time focus groups, where professionals can arrange an extended lunch break in order to take part.

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It is not just the time of day that’s important, but the location clearly plays a big role here too.   

Having just run a series of online focus groups for a client in the membership sector, we are reminded yet again how important it is to engage with audiences at different times, via different channels and in different locations. Offering these groups via an online platform meant that we attracted some members who probably wouldn’t have agreed to be part of a face to face group.

In one member’s own words:

If you think even about how this [online focus group] has been set up, even if this had been arranged just around the corner from where I live I might not have gone. I probably would have thought ‘will I get there on time?’ The fact I can just dial in makes it much more accessible.”

We’re very pleased that this member, and all the others who contributed their time and opinions, found the online platform a suitable and convenient way of being able to be involved with this project.

focus group greyWe are always grateful to our respondents as it's because of them we are able to learn what is important to our clients. Finding time to accommodate research in their busy schedule isn’t always easy, but we’d like to hope they get something out of the groups too and find the whole experience interesting and enriching.

This makes us reflect on how important it is to offer participants the opportunity to engage with research via different platforms. Offering face-to-face will always be more appealing to some, whereas participating in a group where you can log off your laptop and get straight into your PJs afterwards is likely to attract a different type of participant who may not have otherwise considered participating in face-to-face research.

By Lindsey Nadin 

This entry was posted in Market research, tagged Market Research and posted on October 25, 2017

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