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Ensuring organisational buy-in to research

An important piece of research we do is ensuring that we have organisational buy in from the start of a research project. Without this we can end up with results that do not meet the organisations objectives or are not valued and ultimately not used.

In our experience, research programmes that have a long-term strategic focus benefit from investment with internal stakeholders. Involving stakeholders from the outset allows us to get a better understanding of how the research findings will be implemented and feed into the strategic objectives.

We often propose conducting a workshop with stakeholders at the start of a project incorporating both staff and, where relevant, members of the organisation (e.g. council/executive committee). This sets expectations from the onset, but also helps to clarify the objectives and provide guidance on the content and structure of the research. By bringing stakeholders together we provide an environment where key challenges and information needs can be discussed and prioritised.

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By Danielle Barnett, Associate Director


This entry was posted in Membership and posted on December 19, 2016

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