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Going beyond words: Creating a Member Value Proposition that has real impact

The membership industry is all a-buzz about hitting the Member Value Proposition nail squarely on the head. And rightly so. For organisations that get the value proposition right, not only do members gain the value they are seeking, but value also flows back to the organisation.

Getting it right can seem an overwhelming prospect for membership organisations already grappling with a range of priorities, from member engagement to digital transformation. In this post, we’ll help you get started by pointing you to some straightforward tools to orient you on the MVP journey internally. We’ll also give you a realistic picture of what it takes to get to a great value proposition that has real impact with your members.

Assessing your current MVP

Getting started on your MVP journey means understanding where you’re at now – drawing a line in the sand. At Research by Design, we’ve created an eight-step checklist to help you do a quick “health check” on the value proposition you’re currently providing to your members. It walks you through eight questions:


  1. Does our MVP help members fulfill the jobs that are most important to them?
  2. Does our MVP relieve pain points that frustrate our members?
  3. Does our MVP create gains that members really want/desire?
  4. Does our MVP focus on a few really important jobs, gains and pains?
  5. Does our MVP use the language of members?
  6. Is there internal alignment about how our organisation creates value?
  7. Are the benefits of our MVP quantified where possible?
  8. Do we bring value to life for members?

Download the free checklist  to get started on your MVP health check.


 Getting some initial MVP ideas

Once you’ve done the health check, you may already feel the creative juices flowing in terms of what a new or refreshed MVP might look like for your organisation! This is a great moment to explore ideas internally and get stakeholders interested in the MVP design process.


At Research by Design, we’re big fans of the value proposition work of consultant and academic Alex Osterwalder and his colleagues at Strategyzer. It’s a robust and thoroughly tested methodology. That’s why we’ve built on their work using our extensive membership and research expertise to help our membership clients design great MVPs. At the initial ideas stage, they offer a useful, free ‘Ad-Lib Value Proposition Template’ which you can easily adapt to come up with some potential alternative directions for your MVP statement.

 Download the free Ad-Lib Value Proposition Template to get your value proposition ideas flowing.

Going beyond the words

The MVP health check and ad-lib template are great ways to get you started on value proposition design. In reality though the MVP statement is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of ensuring that you deliver value to members that they get excited about and buy into.

That’s why we’ve developed a robust five-step process that we use to help our member clients design and implement a MVP that has real and sustainable impact. It’s a structured approach that enables you to progress from initial ideas right through to a high-level roadmap to implement the MVP:

  1. Developing a hypothesis with internal stakeholders - An internal 1-day workshop bringing together staff from diverse roles – such as sales & marketing, regional representatives, member engagement – to focus on MVP design and tap into their knowledge and insights on members.
  2. Testing the hypothesis with members - A tailored programme of research to build a detailed picture of members and what matters most to them, including an online survey and depth interviews.
  3. Exploring staff attitudes and behaviours – In parallel with member research, we can also explore further with staff their experiences with members as well as their wider perceptions, attitudes and behaviours.
  4. Developing the Member Value Proposition - Analysis of the rich data set gathered in the first three steps to start to shape the MVP and highlight key enablers, opportunities and challenges.
  5. Fine-tuning the Member Value Proposition and developing the roadmap - A second internal workshop enables senior stakeholders to fully understand and own the research insights, fine-tune the MVP, and engage in an intensive road-mapping exercise.


 To find out how Research by Design can help you develop a Member Value Proposition that has real impact, contact us today for an informal chat.

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