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How can bloggers and vloggers support your business?

There has never been a more important time for retailers to directly engage with their customers. A popular way brands are doing this is in the blogging world- where vloggers & bloggers such as Zoe Sugg Zoella  & Chiara Ferragni have become retail outlets in themselves, not just endorsing, but selling products on their sites.

These bloggers and vloggers give their products a more ‘human’ review. Human reviews are highly regarded by consumers with 49% claiming to trust these reviews better than paid ads. (Research Live)

Their reviews and recommendations have followers in the millions and are an amazing way for brands to tap into their consumer base effectively, through ‘humanised’, trusted recommendations.

Brands utilising these relationships include: Matteson’s – using Ali A to launch their first AI robot 'F.H.R.A.N.K' to promote their Fridge Raider products, and Superdrug who have created an entire range with vlogger Zoella, who’s YouTube videos receive views in the millions.

Outside of the retail and brand sectors, it is worth thinking about individuals in your industry who act as thought leaders- is there anyone you can invite to write a guest blog? Or anyone you could record a video interview with?

Marketing Magazine enjoyed success with this recently, posting a series of video interviews with marketing industry leaders during their time at the Cannes Lions Festival, including this one with Marc Pritchard P&G’s global brand chief.

Inviting guest bloggers, vloggers and other industry experts to write or talk on your site will raise your visibility in their networks and increase the credibility of your business in the eyes of your customers.

Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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