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How can market research help your social media strategy - for free?

There are many sources available online to help you analyse your social media activity, but often budget constraints mean you can only tap into the basic free tools. Using basic research methodology you can compliment your free insights to cut through all the noise measuring the success, or otherwise, of your efforts!

Quantitative statistics and hard data, can demonstrate the results of your activity. Using these alongside qualitative messages, actually gives your customers a voice. These insights can influence and support your social strategy further. If this is done successfully, you might be able to use your activity to justify investment in social analytics programmes. This will save you time and in the longer term money!  

Quantitative research can measure...

*Traffic driven to your website from your social media channels.

*How many people retweeted you.

*How many people liked/favourited your post. 

Twitter analytics 

When reporting this quantitative data back, it's important to also include qualitative highlights from your audience. These can include... 

*Conversations through your social media channels.

*Engagement from people considered an influencer with your industry- whilst this is a quantitative stat, the point is the quality of audience that your posts now reach has improved. 

Social media conversation & social media network                          

 By Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive


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