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How has Google's mobile algorithm impacted membership organisations?

I can’t help wondering how Google’s recent algorithm update to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results is impacting membership associations. I specifically mention these associations because many of them are either registered charities or operate in the not-for-profit sector where expenditure is watched very carefully by those it is set up to serve.

The Harnessing the Web survey 2015, which Research by Design undertook on behalf of the MemberWise network, shows that 48% of membership organisations have a mobile-web friendly website. Whilst this is up 17% on last year it is nowhere near enough if the remaining 52% are going to be disadvantaged by Google’s new ranking regime.

Of course the new ranking only affects searches on mobile devices and applies to individual pages rather than entire websites. Nevertheless, with 98% of the adult population using at least one mobile device and reportedly 60% of searches now conducted on mobile, a lower search ranking could be costly.

As an aside, the survey also told us that 38% of membership organisations have incorporated responsive design into their websites. Surely it won’t be long until Google is ranking sites for their ability to render a whole suite of alternative devices?

Heather Forrester, Managing Director

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