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How to get to 'hard to reach' millennials

Millennials, the generation of people born between 1980-2000, are one of the hardest audiences to get to engage with market research. Having recently watched a couple of webinars focusing on new methods in market research and how to target a younger audience, I have gathered some of the most interesting trends and ideas of how to reach out to millennials in this article.

Social media

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Most millennials don’t remember life before the internet was invented. Social media is an inseparable part of their daily life. They live and breathe through social media. It is the place where they define who they are, share their views, interact with other people, and collaborate. So, it seems sensible to reach out to millennials through social media channels as they are the most familiar to them. Gathering and analysing data from social media platforms, blogs, forums or online communities can provide invaluable insight from the ‘home ground’ of millennials.

Mobile surveys

mobileTo be ‘device agnostic’, compatible across various devices, has been important to online surveys for several years. When thinking about online surveys targeted to millennials, mobile surveys specifically should be considered because mobile or smart phones are essential parts of millennials’ lives. They are glued to their hands for a great part of the day, so if researchers want to increase their chances to reach millennials, this is the way to go. Mobile survey specifications should be kept in mind though; the survey has to be short and questions need to be fit for purpose on the mobile screen space.


gamificationWhat the phenomenon of Pokémon GO in 2016 proved was that whatever age people are they like to play games. So, one of the strategies to get more people to engage in market research, especially disengaged millennials, is to create gamified surveys. Gamification is a term for the application of elements and mechanics typical for game playing, into non-game activities. Applying gamification into online surveys can help increase the engagement and experience from the surveys.   

Location tracking/geo-fencing

locationLocation tracking is one of the features of smartphone that many millennials are using daily to share information based on their location. Many apps that they use require the location feature to be turned on, to provide tailored apps services. This is an opportunity for market researchers. Using GPS or beacon technology (small devices that use Bluetooth to broadcast or receive small pieces of data) allows surveys to be triggered at a specific location. This allows researchers to capture data ‘in the moment’. Millennials are a perfect target audience for this type of research, as they already have features installed on their smartphones and are familiar users of them.    

By Tereza Krtickova, Senior Research Executive


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