Hard to reach

How to successfully engage hard to reach B2B audiences

As all B2B researchers know, reaching out to certain groups within the population can be very challenging. With workers struggling to juggle their busy diaries of work, rest and play, it can be tricky to find a time to get a group of busy people to sit down together and give their full attention to a topic.

This was exactly the challenge we faced this week in trying to coordinate a focus group of senior business professionals.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of those who we needed to speak with, a breakfast focus group was convened, held in the heart of the capital, within easy reach of one of the busiest transport hubs in the city. Although not a ‘traditional’ time of day to hold a focus group, this time was designed to fit the needs of a group of individuals who would find a lunch time, day time or evening slot much more difficult to accommodate. 

Coffee and Croissant

As part of our considered approach to recruitment, the subject matter was explained in a comprehensive, yet interesting way, ensuring the group were clear on exactly what they were expected to contribute, but more importantly, how valuable their views and opinions were to the outcomes of the research.

We added to this mix a promise of croissants, pastries and muffins, plus generous helpings of tea and coffee, and the perfect environment was created. Conversation flowed, ideas were shared as breakfast was consumed, and we achieved over 100% of our target responses. And it was all wrapped up before 9am. 

By Lindsey Nadin, Senior Research Manager

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