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With the news released today that Aldi has overtaken Tesco in the Brandz100 ‘Most Valuable Global Retail Brands’ through its 22% growth, an interesting shift has clearly been highlighted in the behaviours of today’s consumers and their relationships with today’s leading brands. (Source Brand Republic

With its main competitor Lidl seeing an incredible 27% growth, successes have been attributed to the suitability of the shopping experience for the; ‘cost conscious, small and often’ shopper and the successful, meaningful and entertaining ad campaigns both brands have run.

But above all of this… These brands are LISTENING to their customers and actioning their requests, empowering their customers to have a say in the shopping experiences they have.

For example Aldi has broadened its product range to suit its target audience of young families, stocking nappies and baby food, extending its stores to increase the space for the shoppers and increased the numbers of tills to improve the fluidity of the shopper experience in store. (Source Telegraph) 

You only need to Google ‘Aldi listening’ to be offered the chance of signing up to a monthly survey, sharing your views on improvements the retailer can make to its service. Aldi is updating its social media platforms with a ‘you said we did’ approach, acknowledging customers' requests and highlighting where these are being met.

They are using insight and asking customers for feedback which is increasing; brand awareness, brand likeability and ultimately brand loyalty… Explaining why discount brands like Aldi & Lidl are overtaking longer standing supermarket giants like Tesco.

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Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

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