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Member benefits – Why less is more

Offering a benefits package is crucial to members as it provides them with a return on their membership fee. However, over the years our research has identified that members cannot always recall the benefits on offer. Most of the time this is because there is an extensive list that is offered to all regardless of the relevance.

There are certain benefits that members feel they must have, whether that’s access to a magazine, journal or CPD diary. It’s these tangible benefits that are often remembered.

We recommend that any other benefits are relevant, aimed specifically to the member’s career stage. For example, additional guidance and support for trainees or opportunities to become mentors for more experienced members.

In our experience, less is definitely more when it comes to member benefits packages. Give members the benefits they value and they will be more satisfied and more likely to retain their membership.

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By Danielle Barnett, Associate Director


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