Millennials and their mobiles... Mastering mobilegeddon

These days you can compare and read online reviews on almost everything before you buy; from hammocks to hoovers, holidays to cars and credit cards to make up… the list goes on.

According to a recent article by Wallblog “72% of customers us(e) social media to research a company or product before making a purchase.” Nielson furthered this research stating; ‘92% of consumers around the world say they trust recommendations above all other forms of advertising’. 

At first price comparison sites seemed like the solution to help digest the extreme volume of services and products being sold online. Now with so many of these sites in operation the choice of who to trust can be overwhelming in itself. What initiated as a way to research & compare items before purchase, has become a website research task in itself! 

Instead consumers are turning to social media for online reviews and recommendations from friends & family. Particularly the millennials (15-34 year olds) are becoming reliant on friends recommendations on social media. An article posted by research-live suggested that; ‘49% said they would trust personal recommendation from friends more than ads.’ 

The biggest demograph of online shoppers influenced by online reviews are Mums; ‘90% of millennial Mum’s claim that product reviews online are very influential when buying a baby or children’s product.’ Makes sense, for some becoming a parent is a brand new journey… so who better to gain advice from than those who know you best- your friends and family. 

A recent study from Redshift Research on behalf of Oracle stated that: “67% of consumers now use their smartphone while they shop”. This figure is up ‘26% from last year’.

For Mum’s and millennial Mum’s in particular, their online purchases are specifically focused to smartphones; ‘93% of Mum’s regularly use smartphones’ spending ‘2.1 hours a day online on their smartphone’. The ‘on the go’, constantly accessible data a smartphone can provide is ideal for this time-poor demograph.

With Google launching their new algorithm to prioritise mobile friendly sites in search engine results today, there has never been a more important time for retailers to ensure their technology across all channels is fluent. Allowing the consumer experience to be convenient and uncomplicated, encouraging their use of mobile shopping to boost sales. If we see an online review on social media positively promoting a product, within two clicks the item could be ours.

With ‘67% of users using a smartphone to shop’ and ‘72% of those users using online recommendations’ retailers must ensure their mobile sites are geared to make their customer journey accessible and enjoyable!

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