Mobile research - recognising some of the pitfalls

Travelling back from a client meeting yesterday on the train, I suffered the modern day curse of phone battery failure.  How could I possibly operate successfully without my phone for the remainder of my journey!?

This got me thinking that whilst mobile research offers some considerable advantages for ‘in the moment’ or ‘on the move’ insight generation, it is most certainly not yet a panacea.  We ran a set of exclusive panel questions about smartphone adoption and problems amongst 1300 consumers. 

The first and most important point is that, despite unprecedented growth over the past 5 years, one fifth of consumers still do not own a smartphone.  This means that any methodology that only uses this channel to engage with potential respondents is likely to under represent certain segments of the population. 

Further, we asked consumers which of the following situations their smartphone battery had died without access to a charging point.  Commuting and holidays are the most common scenarios where smartphone users are ‘caught out’ with a dead battery and, like me yesterday, are deprived access to their smartphone.  Designers of research and campaigns that rely on this channel therefore need to be mindful that this target group will not always be able to respond to their call to action. 

By Dave Ruston, Associate Director

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