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My two weeks as a market researcher

Having recently graduated from University with a degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, I was extremely eager to obtain experience within all aspects of the marketing field to expand on my current industry knowledge.

Having been recommended the work placement offered at Research by Design, I found it to be a delightful experience from the application process right through to completion of the placement. From my very first day I was given responsibility of working on live projects alongside the team that I could actively see myself influencing. I was provided with all the advice and guidance I would need to complete the tasks given to me and, if I needed any additional support, the RbD team would do everything they could in order to make sure I understood.

From my initial email regarding the placement, to the telephone interview, to starting the placement, the staff were welcoming and made me feel like a part of the team. The day-to-day tasks alternated, giving me a fresh perspective into many different levels of market research and the varying responsibilities that come within it. I was able to gain experience in each stage of a research project, from reading client briefs through to compiling reports in the format required, giving me a broader understanding of market research and the methods used within the industry. During my time at RbD I was also able to work by myself on a previous project as though it were a live project, enabling me to test myself and learn from any mistakes through guidance of the team, in a way that was both educational and interesting. I quickly became accustomed to using data tables, quotas and analysing qualitative research findings, then using all of this to create bespoke reports in a way that is easy to understand for clients.

As RbD work with an array of different clientele spanning a variety of sectors, this placement allowed me to become involved with much more than simply market research since it has provided me with an understanding of industries I had no knowledge of beforehand.

The most prominent thing I learnt during my time at RbD was how precise and intricately detailed all their work is as a standard, which makes sense when dealing with clients who expect the market research they commissioned to be of excellent quality. However, during these two weeks, I’d probably say the biggest challenge I found was having to wake up early enough to be in the office for 9am. Having graduated over 6 months ago, my body clock had a bit of a shock and needed to readjust to sleeping early.

Overall, I am very pleased with my time at Research by Design and feel I have learnt a great deal with how the sector operates efficiently. Alongside this, the team have been welcoming and helpful at offering their knowledge, enabling me to understand as much as possible about the world of market research.

By Sunny Dhesi.

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