My year in reflection with Research by Design

I can hardly believe I’m writing this post already, a whole 52 weeks after I began my placement year position as a Marketing and Research Assistant here at Research by Design. Although the phrase ‘time flies’ is a bit of a cliché, it seems entirely appropriate when thinking I am entering my last week with the team. I have loved the year I have spent working with RbD. From start to finish, the team have all been incredibly helpful, supportive and welcoming, helping me to learn an abundance of new skills and gain experience in all areas of market research.

Reflecting on everything I have learnt in the past year, I know the experience I have gained whilst working at RbD will highly benefit me in future employment and has provided me with an excellent insight into the dynamic, varied world of market research. In addition, I hope to apply many of these newly developed research and analytical skills into my final year of studying at Aston University, as well as my further established organisational and communicative abilities. I cannot recommend the benefits of undertaking a placement year during your undergraduate degree enough since I personally feel it has increased not only my confidence and knowledge but also my future employability.

For me, there have been a lot of highlights to pull out from my year with RbD. In terms of my role, I have loved how varied my responsibilities have been and how I have had the chance to be exposed to a wide variety of different areas throughout the research projects. I have developed an interest in particularly the qualitative aspects of a project because of the depth and intrigue it evokes. I found depth interviews and their analysis to be extremely interesting and can provide a unique insight into the thoughts and feeling of members/customers. Seeing consistent themes come out across the research findings is something that, with studying Psychology, I find fascinating to see unfold. Not only have I enjoyed the analysis of results, but presenting these findings in a visually engaging way that connects with the audience has been a skill I have thoroughly enjoyed building on throughout the year.

The socials with the team have always been a lot of fun, from experiencing my first Escape Room at our Christmas social (and escaping) to almost winning a round of Ghetto Golf in Digbeth. I also enjoyed organising the Macmillan Coffee Morning we ran in the office in September, it felt rewarding to know we’d raised a great amount of money for such a good cause, and it was nice to get to know people from surrounding offices.

I have learnt so much about not only the market research industry and the clients we have worked with, but also myself as an individual. Starting my placement year, I had little knowledge surrounding which industry I would like to pursue after University. However, having spent a year at RbD and being exposed to both market research and marketing elements in my role, I have a much better understanding of where my skills lie, which aspects I feel most passionate about and which direction I would like to take myself in as a graduate.

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work within such a dynamic agency, alongside the most supportive team who have made my placement year the most enjoyable and rewarding it could have been. There is no doubt that I will miss working at the RbD office, however I am excited to return to University to complete my degree and for the opportunities that will hopefully arise thereafter.

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