Quality over Quantity: consumer communication

Recent research by Aimia identified a strand of consumer described as ‘high volume sensitive’ who will quickly switch off from brands who bombard them with non-specific, high volume marketing communications including texts and emails. 

In a separate, but related study commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, over a third of those in the 18-24 millennial age range have downloaded and actioned ‘ad blocking software’ on their device (Media week). As a millennial myself, I take a similar stance and have regularly blocked unwanted calls and unsubscribed from generic marketing messages delivered by brands.

My tendency to block or ignore is of course dependent upon my specific preferences and is also influenced by the sector the business is operating in. Whilst I’m more than happy for my favourite retailers such as ASOS & Topshop to send me daily emails with offers, from those businesses operating in the professional services sector – the communication, naturally, doesn’t need to be so constant.

For those in the professional services sector, providing your customers with useful information such as; insights, training, advice, lessons learned etc is a positive way to engage and deliver valuable content to your existing and potential customers.

With the general consensus being that brands need to engage more directly with their audiences, with appealing content – this research provides a useful ‘warning’ to brands. More is not always more, neither is the ‘little and often’ approach. It is incumbent upon us as brand communicators to challenge the relevance of every message we publish or send out.

Is it going to add to your audience’s experience? If not wait until you have produced something that will. Your audience will thank you for it. 

Bridget Leonard, Marketing Executive

This entry was posted in B2C, tagged Consumer, Millenials and posted on July 17, 2015

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