23rd rbd

RbD is celebrating it's 23rd year!

Celebrating our 23rd birthday today, we’re reflecting on our journey through market research. With an extra year under our belt and over 100 combined years in market research we thought we’d share our highlights from the past year! Over the past year...

We’ve worked in many sectors and industries, speaking to a range of different stakeholders…

rbd 23 1

We’ve maintained excellent relationships with new and existing clients…

rbd 23 2

We’ve put ourselves in a unique position to be able to define, understand and measure member engagement. Over the past year we have combined our extensive experience in the sector with an in-depth review of the literature to create a member engagement definition that provides clarity and scope for measurement...

Engagement toolkit diagram

To view our work and find out more, click here.

 And we’ve spent 16,623 hours working on projects over the past year.

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