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RbD's 2016 New Year Resolutions

The team are looking forward to a very fruitful New Year here at RbD HQ. Here are some of our New Year resolutions… both professional & personal! Hope they inspire!


Work - Continue to grow our network in London. Personal - Dance more.


Work - Contribute more to the company website with case studies about all the exciting projects we’ve been working on. Personal - To continue fund raising for brain tumour research. including a long distance run.


Work - Use wearable tech in a research project. Personal - Beat 360 watts (power output) on the 3 minute watt bike test and eat more healthily when hungry following exercising (i.e. less of the team’s crisps and chocolate)


Work - Keep my desk and general working environment tidier! I like to think of it as “organised chaos”, although I can understand why it might look like just chaos. My aim is to see more woodwork than paperwork when sat at my desk! Personal - Cook one new meal per week that I have never attempted before…. until I run out of ideas or inspiration!


Work - Be successful! Personal - Run 10k (comfortably!) Eat less Ketchup (I have it with every meal….)


Work - To be more creative in my outputs – creating more dashboards and finding other funky ways to present. Personal - Loose alllllll the weight I’ve put on over the holidays.


Work - Launch our email marketing. Personal - Do the great north swim. Visit 3 European countries… on the list are; Copenhagen, Barcelona, Berlin


Work - Learn more technical things, improve Grafique & Snap skills. Personal - Read more books!


Work - Finish my degree. Personal - Expand my cooking repertoire.

We'll let you know our highlights! What are your resolutions? 

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