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RbD's 2017 New Year Resolutions

The team at RbD are looking forward to another very fruitful New Year. Here are some of our New Year resolutions… professional and personal!


Work – Spend more time with the RbD team, helping each person develop and achieve their goals. Improve my leadership skills.

Personal – Declutter my house. Empower my children to assume the family responsibilities.


Work - Continue to grow the membership sector, working with more new clients over the coming year. I will also try to improve the management of my email folders, not an easy task when I have at least 4 to check daily!

Personal - Get more organised when it comes to meal planning and prepare lunches to bring to work rather than buying them or starving all day!


Work – Think outside the box about how to increase revenue and productivity at RbD.

Personal – To eat healthy… less chocolate!


Work – To get out and have more face-to-face meetings with clients.

Personal – To explore more walks with the dog.


Work – Contribute more to the company website and listen to one TED talk a week.

Personal – Go to the gym more and try new classes/sports and travel more! I want to visit at least three new places abroad or in the UK. Also, I want to finish the knitting I started a year ago!


Work – Continue to expand my skills and conduct more focus groups.

Personal – Run more and complete a 10k charity race.


Work – Use less paper and offer more hot drinks rounds.

Personal – Use train time more meaningfully (such as reading books, etc…) rather than sleeping!


Work – To learn R (programming language) and, if possible, also SAS.

Personal – Renovate/decorate the new house and maybe some travelling.


Work – To learn something new every week to expand my skills to further benefit the team.

Personal – Go to the gym at least 4 times a week!


Work – To make the most of my remaining time at Research by Design and to work hard when I return to University to complete my final year.

Personal – To visit more countries than last year, starting with Germany and the Netherlands again!


Hopefully these inspire! What are your resolutions?


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