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Starting my journey into the 'real world' of work

As part of the Psychology and Sociology degree I’m studying at Aston University, my third year consists of a compulsory placement to help gain industry knowledge before graduating into the ‘real world’ of work. This, therefore, has brought me to my current position at Research by Design as a Trainee Marketing and Research Assistant.

At the beginning of my second year back in September, I wasn’t entirely sure which direction I wanted to take for this year in industry. I knew which aspects of my course I enjoyed as well as things I had an interest in outside of University and I wanted a job role to reflect this whilst also providing me with new skills. Although I’ve always found Psychology an interesting, insightful subject, I’ve never wanted to pursue a career in the clinical or medical side but rather use my knowledge within a business environment.

Research by Design was the first company I contacted during my job search, as soon as I’d read the job description I knew it was exactly the kind of role I was looking for and set my sights on the position. Marketing is a sector I have always found fascinating and I love the elements of digital marketing and content creation that come alongside it. Combining this with a Research Assistant role in the Market Research industry sounded like a brilliant opportunity to develop my knowledge and acquire new skills in a sector I had little experience in but find intriguing. Whilst I have learnt about various research methods and statistics throughout my degree and knew I could apply this to give myself a basic understanding, I had never directly been exposed to Market Research. However, I knew the role would bring varied, interesting and challenging work that I’d not only enjoy tackling but would also teach me valuable skills.

I have now completed my first few weeks with RbD and, whilst the 9am starts every day have been a rather large shock to the student system, I already feel like I have learnt a lot in both the Research and Marketing elements. I have developed an understanding for the work that goes into different stages of the research process and have been exposed to hands on experience of completing some aspects myself. Although I was worried about having little knowledge of the sector before I started, the RbD team have all been extremely welcoming and helpful in easing me into my role whilst also giving me some responsibility from the start, allowing me to learn quickly. I have also enjoyed expanding my knowledge in Marketing, reading about and experimenting with what works best in terms of social media posts, websites and blogs to best promote the company.

Being given a set of clear objectives from RbD to try and achieve throughout my year has also been extremely useful and motivating. These have given me goals to work towards, an idea of the skills I will be learning and will be something to reflect on when next July comes around!

During my time with the team I am determined to expand my confidence, improve and maintain a successful online presence for the company and continue to learn a lot more about market research and the different processes involved throughout a whole project. I am excited for the year ahead to see how much I can develop both as an individual and within the job role and I am especially looking forward to being a part of the RbD team for the next 12 months!

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