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Starting My Work Placement Journey

As a part of my Marketing degree, it is compulsory to undergo a placement year. Therefore during my second year at university, I began to think about and search for a placement within the marketing industry. However, I was aware that this would prove difficult, given how broad this sector was.

To help me find a clear direction, I began to draw on my strengths and interests where I realised that I really enjoyed market research, and this was one of my favourite modules within my second year. I particularly appreciate how market research helps organisations to obtain data to operate more efficiently, as well as understand their audience effectively. So, this was my ‘light bulb moment’ per se, and in turn began to search and apply to companies within the industry.

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One of the first placements I applied for was Research by Design. I was soon contacted, and underwent a series of stages before being offered the role as a Research Assistant... leaving me over the moon!

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I have now completed my first week at Research by Design. I settled in quickly, thanks to the team’s helpful attitude and willingness to make the transition as comfortable as possible. The current work placement student Sam Jones, has been extremely helpful in helping me settle in. Sam, who was RbD’s first ever placement student, has helped me build the foundations of my role as a Research Assistant. Just within my first week at RbD, I have learned a vast amount including; Google Analytics, website management, and being introduced to survey software such as SNAP.

The work ethic at Research by Design is admirable. In just one week I have learned how well every team member works together to ensure accuracy, and pays attention to detail so every project runs smoothly from start to finish.

The first week has given me a fantastic insight into how the rest of my journey will unfold. I am excited to see all the new things I will learn and the projects I will be involved in. Overall, I am excited for the next year and all the amazing things that it will unfold!

Gagan Sarai 

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