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  • When influencer marketing goes wrong

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    Social influencers, content creators, bloggers, vloggers or digital talentists – whatever you want to refer to them as – these individuals have proven to be invaluable to the marketing industry. However, promoting products through social influencers isn’t always plain sailing, and can leave these big names in the firing line. Below...

  • Meeting Generation Z and why I'm excited they're here


    Last Thursday evening the Market Research Society's Midlands group ran a free event in which presenters from One-MS and Mattesson’s shared their research and experience of marketing to Generation Z. We, the audience, had a great evening being introduced to this group and I ended the night feeling excited about the...

  • When is direct advertising too direct?


    A recent article from Marketing Week discussed how Macmillan Cancer Research is using direct, targeted adverts to increase fundraising for the charity, using; 'social pressure… showing how many people are donating on that day in [your] location.’ In a world where we’re constantly connecting and sharing more than ever, where...