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  • When is it important to question statistics?

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    Working in the market research industry means having a huge love for data! Being so close with data and reporting statistics to our clients often makes us question statistics when we see them reported. As researchers, we can’t help but ask questions such as: · Who was interviewed and by whom?· How were...

  • Why do polls keep getting it wrong?


    Donald Trump has just been elected to become the new US president but looking at the polls this might come as a surprise as most were in favour of Hilary Clinton. This is not the first time this year that the pollsters didn’t accurately predict the likely outcome of the...

  • Levels of trust in professional services

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    Trust in government, public institutions and professional groups has been slipping in the past decade. To some extent, we can say that this has been fuelled by whistleblowing, issues over Parliamentary expenses, as well as high profile cases of government data breaches. Debates about privacy in public policy appear to...