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  • The impact of 'speeders' in online surveys


    ‘Speeders’ are respondents who complete a survey, in what is perceived to be, an impossibly quick time. How these speeders affect the quality of data is often in debate. It has always been my view that speeders should be removed from the data; how can a respondent completing a survey too...

  • Breakfast focus groups

    Coffe cup
  • How can market research help your social media strategy - for free?

    Social media and MR

    There are many sources available online to help you analyse your social media activity, but often budget constraints mean you can only tap into the basic free tools. Using basic research methodology you can compliment your free insights to cut through all the noise measuring the success, or otherwise, of your...

  • Mobile madness or throwback to traditional surveys?

    mobile phone

    Mobile is important in research – but don’t forget about traditional survey platforms! We are already glued to our mobiles in many walks of life; we call, text, search, tweet, like, comment, navigate, shop, take photos, record videos, play games, use apps and generally hate to be parted from our electronic...

  • What affects online survey response rates?


    According to the Pew Research Center, the gold standard for surveys, online response rates are on a downward spiral. With so many more things to do online than just a couple of years ago, declining attention spans and smaller, mobile handsets dominating web use, it’s little wonder fewer respondents are...

  • 10 ways to get ahead in your career

    business conf

    It’s on you, go get it! 1. It’s up to you to make it happen, training, pay rise, promotion – it’s your career steer it where you want. It is 100% your responsibility, don’t wait around for someone else to hand you the career you want. The most important thing I’ve...

  • Moderating focus groups - a beginners perspective

    Focus group

    Having recently had the opportunity to take part in a qualitative training day focusing on moderating skills, hosted by Joanna at QualitativeMind, it’s fair to say I learnt a lot. The session started off with a quote: “Interviewing is rather like a marriage: everybody knows what it is, an awful lot...

  • How to successfully engage hard to reach B2B audiences

    Hard to reach

    As all B2B researchers know, reaching out to certain groups within the population can be very challenging. With workers struggling to juggle their busy diaries of work, rest and play, it can be tricky to find a time to get a group of busy people to sit down together and...