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  • Meeting Generation Z and why I'm excited they're here


    Last Thursday evening the Market Research Society's Midlands group ran a free event in which presenters from One-MS and Mattesson’s shared their research and experience of marketing to Generation Z. We, the audience, had a great evening being introduced to this group and I ended the night feeling excited about the...

  • What does your audience want from you?

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    I think there’s a general consensus that content is king. Whether it be audial, visual or in text form the relevance of the content delivered is critical in engaging the desired audience. I read an article published recently by the CIM on Linkedin about ‘the future of Digital Marketing’. The comments...

  • Video didn't just kill the radio star


    If you don’t know the hit ‘Video killed the radio star’ – it’s a nostalgic track by the Buggles, about the changes in technology in the 1960’s and the emergence of TV as a popular entertain source, taking over from radio. Zip to 2015 and video is more prominent than ever....