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Two weeks in the life of a market researcher

As a Sport Science student at Newcastle University with only a small amount of previous experience in marketing, I came across this placement and saw it as a great opportunity to develop new skills before starting my second year of University.

The initial application process was efficient and meant I was even able to improve on my telephone interview skills for the Skype interview right at the beginning! From my first day right through to my last everyone has been extremely welcoming, and I instantly felt like part of the team due to the friendly atmosphere of the office and teamwork shown throughout the projects.

During my time here, I got to work on both live and past projects allowing myself to gain a well-rounded understanding of market research within an agency and the different processes involved. The team were all approachable, understanding and tried their best to make it a fun yet valuable experience. I feel I have learnt a great deal about aspects such as using databases, quotas, analysing research findings and many more useful skills. The work has been very varied and provided me with a lot of hands on experience, not one day has been the same! These two weeks have gone by so quick and I can’t believe, writing this, that today is my last day with RbD already.

My favourite aspects of the two-week placement were straight away being able to get involved in some of the live projects and spending my first two days working on an initial client proposal – to then be told it was a very good and thorough piece of work.

I am very grateful for being able to complete this two-week work placement at RbD. I finished with a much greater knowledge in the field of market research and a lot more confidence within qualitative and quantitative methods due to the client briefing I worked on. I am very appreciative for all of the teams help throughout my time here and I enjoyed all the funny times shared in the office!

By Olivia Ray 

Olivia recently joined us for two weeks as part of our Market Research Work Placement. If you'd like to find out more about our work placement or any other roles, find more information here.

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