Video didn't just kill the radio star

If you don’t know the hit ‘Video killed the radio star’ – it’s a nostalgic track by the Buggles, about the changes in technology in the 1960’s and the emergence of TV as a popular entertain source, taking over from radio.

Zip to 2015 and video is more prominent than ever. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (behind its owner Google- handy!)

With brands trying to further their engagement with the mystical millennial demographic who tend to YouTube; ‘How to’ rather than Google search for an answer… video seems to be their answer.

The fashion retailer Mango recently ran a videoed in store event, talking viewers through different outfits, giving the person watching the option to click through on a specific item and buy. A very ‘in the moment’ way of sharing product & encouraging impulse purchases. Even their homepage main banner takes you straight to a video of their summer look-book, where one click can take you straight to the items to purchase.

For fashion retailers video is a great way to market the wearability of their clothes & to give the audience the impression they may somehow capture some of the model’s look if they were to buy the same items.

And now YouTube has joined in with an Ad tool – ‘TrueView’ that allows companies to add direct product links into their adverts encouraging people to buy.

Companies already engaged with the service have seen a huge uplift – ‘Wayfair, the home goods retailer saw up to a 3X revenue increase per impression, compared to previous campaigns.’ (Inside AdWords) 

With the ever increasing ease for purchase online across the myriad of devices we now use, is TrueView the final nail in the high street’s coffin?

No more elbows during the sales, no more frustration waiting in long till queues…  Video didn’t just kill the radio star… It’s coming for the high street next.

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